Accident Tracking: 2015

Boiler and Pressure Vessel accidents are not a very published item. In North America we have seen a big improvement in safety thanks to

organizations like the ASME the National Board and our Jurisdictions. We seldom see accidents listed in our day to day communications. As

such, this website is trying to keep this information readily available and in front of the public. Whenever we hear of an event we will post it

here. You can help us by dropping us an email whenever you come in contact with new information. Pictures are welcome and encouraged.

Starting in 2012 the below became linked to the story where the information came from.

If you become aware of an Accident during the year please drop an email to

We will get it posted!

We must remain vigilant!!

Accident Tracking 2015

Accident DateLocationEquipmentNo. # of InjuriesNo. # of Dead
1/8/2015Silvassa, IndiaBoiler175
1/8/2015Gujranwala, PakistanBoiler100
1/14/2015Mansfield, EnglandBoiler10
1/17/2015Akbarabad, PakistanBoiler64
1/18/2015Washington, DCBoiler20
1/20/2015Wausau, WIBoiler00
1/25/2015Goraguntepalya, IndiaBoiler01
1/29/2015Potsdam, NYBoiler00
2/3/2015Monmouth, NJBoiler10
2/11/2015Flint, MIBoiler00
3/5/2015Phra Samut Chedi, ThailandBoiler110
3/7/2015Veliko Tarnovo, BulgariaBoiler01
3/14/2015Liverton, EnglandBoiler10
3/21/2015Lahore, PakistanBoiler21
3/27/2015Ephrata, PennsylvaniaBoiler21
3/30/2015Swimbridge, EnglandBoiler10
6/4/2015Narayanganj’s SonargaonBoiler182
6/8/2015Mujpur, IndiaBoiler11
7/23/2015Phuoc Thai, Da NangBoiler21
8/15/2015Rixensart, BrusselsBoiler31
11/10/2015Muktapur Bagbari, Bangladesh
11/13/2015Ha Noi, VietnamBoiler02
11/26/2015Tallarevu, IndiaBoiler11
12/4/2015Virudhunagar, IndiaBoiler04
12/4/2015Batala, IndiaBoiler01