Accident Follow Up: 2013



Boiler explosion kills three in Dombivali (12/6/2013)

India (12-6-2013)

A Boiler used in chemical refineries exploded in an open scrap godown in MIDC area in Dombivali Friday, killing three people. A huge chunk of the boiler was flung almost a kilometre from the explosion site.

The explosion killed two workers, who were dismantling the boiler using a gas cutter, on the spot, police said. While a chunk, which was flung a kilometre away, killed a driver who was cleaning a car, another landed atop a shanty wrecking it. The explosion also caused tremors in nearby buildings and metal pieces shattered window panes.

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“It sounded like a bomb blast and before we could know what had happened, a metal sheet of about 300 kgs came crashing through my terrace and shattered my makeshift roof. My father was seated next to the roof but he escaped miraculously. The sheet was so heavy that it took six people to lift it later. There were more than eight people at my house preparing for a party at night for our 26th wedding anniversary,” said Mahesh Lahote, a businessperson.

Mahilan Yadav, 35, who eked out his living as a driver lost his life when hit by a chunk of the boiler.

The explosion occurred when Vijay Ramkrishna Gaur (40) and Kailas Rajbhar (55) were trying to cut the boiler using a gas cutter in the godown in Davdi village near MIDC in Dombivali, fire brigade officials and Manpada police said. Gaur and Rajbhar were immediately thrown off and their bodies were charred.

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Two other people working in the godown Ramkishan Sahani (35) and Vikas Sharma (38) suffered multiple injuries and have been admitted at AIMS hospital in Dombivali. They are in critical condition, police added.

The boiler, around 20 feet in height and cylindrical in shape, weighed more than 50 tonnes. The roofless godown was being used to store industrial scrap, police added.

CSB Releases Safety Video on 2009 Fatal Blast at NDK Crystal – Animation Depicts Stress Corrosion Cracking; Vessels Were Not Inspected or Tested! (12-5-2013)

Rockford, Illinois, November 14, 2013—The U.S. Chemical Safety Board (CSB) today released “Falling through the Cracks,” a safety video on the 2009 explosion at NDK Crystal in Belvidere, Illinois, which fatally injured a truck driver at a nearby gas station. The video contains an animation which depicts the stress corrosion cracking that accumulated over time in the walls of the vessel where synthetic quartz crystals were manufactured under extremely high pressures and temperatures.

The video was released simultaneously with the CSB investigation report on the accident, set for consideration at a public meeting of the board in Rockford, Illinois, today, several miles from the NDK facility.


Click here “Falling Through the Cracks”

CSB Chairperson Rafael Moure-Eraso said, “The video dramatically describes the important findings of the CSB investigation – pressure vessels did not meet code requirements, but were granted an exemption; internal corrosion inspections were recommended but never performed; and finally a specific warning was made to the company by its insurer. But at every level, the risk of catastrophic vessel failure was overlooked and public safety, literally and figuratively, fell through the cracks.”

The video details CSB key findings and recommendations made by the board to prevent future accidents at NDK and to improve national pressure vessel codes and standards.

The accident occurred December 7, 2009, with a violent rupture in the Number 2 vessel. A combination of animation and surveillance video shows how one piece of steel from the building was blown 650 feet, striking a truck driver who was walking back to his vehicle. Another piece – a vessel fragment weighing over 8,000 pounds — tore through a wall at the facility, skipped across a neighboring parking lot and struck the wall of an automotive supply company where 70 people were working; but only one was injured.

The video displays text of a direct warning by a third-party safety auditor called in by the NDK insurance carrier following an uncontrolled leak of hot, caustic material in January 2007 from the lid of another similar pressure vessel. The consultant concluded the accident resulted from the vessel’s improper design, fabrication and material selection, determined four vessels were experiencing stress corrosion cracking, and advised against returning any of the facility’s eight vessels into service, saying “far more catastrophic scenarios are possible,” specifically naming danger of public death or injury at the gas station where the truck driver would be killed in 2009. But NDK never established an internal vessel inspection program and did not perform testing on the vessels before returning them to service.

CSB lead investigator Johnnie Banks said, “The video shows how cracking on and near the inner diameter of the vessel fragment reduced the vessel material toughness, which eventually led to large flaws resulting in the catastrophic failure.” CSB investigator Lucy Sciallo-Tyler added, “We hope operators in the chemical industry take away the clear message that warnings and near misses must be acted on immediately to prevent major accidents.”

CSB Safety Videos typically feature detailed animation sequences to depict the chemical processes and sequence of events that led to explosions, fires and releases causing injuries, deaths, damage and destruction of production facilities. They have received accolades from safety professionals around the world, who have told the CSB they use the videos in training, seminars, board presentations and other venues as object lessons in the consequences of inadequate process safety management.

CSB videos may be streamed and downloaded at from the CSB video room. They are also available on

The CSB is an independent federal agency charged with investigating industrial chemical accidents. The agency’s board members are appointed by the president and confirmed by the Senate. CSB investigations look into all aspects of chemical accidents, including physical causes such as equipment failure as well as inadequacies in regulations, industry standards, and safety management systems.

The Board does not issue citations or fines but does make safety recommendations to plants, industry organizations, labor groups, and regulatory agencies such as OSHA and EPA. Visit our website,

For more information, contact Communications Manager Hillary Cohen, cell 202-446-8094 or Sandy Gilmour, Public Affairs, cell 202-251-5496.

1 Hurt in Boiler Explosion at Orangeville High School (11/29/2013)


ORANGEVILLE, IL — One person is badly hurt after a boiler explosion at a Stephenson County school.

The sheriff’s department says it happened Friday morning at Orangeville High School. Class wasn’t in session but parents did get a message about the explosion.

They were told an employee was hurt and airlifted to a Rockford hospital. School is expected to resume as normal on Monday.

Three more die in boiler explosion case (11/20/2013)

With three more labourers succumbing to their injuries, the death toll in the boiler explosion incident rose to five today in Bareilly district, police said.

Nanhe, Omprakash and Dharmveer–all aged between 35-40 years, died during treatment, they said, adding that six other labourers are undergoing treatment in the hospital.

The incident took place yesterday when a boiler at a rice mill exploded killing two labourers Takkan (45) and Chotey Lal (30) on the spot, they said.

Around 15 people were working in the rice mill in Bhojipura police station area when the incident took place.

Two Killed in Boiler Explosion in Salem, India (11/9/2013)


Two persons were charred to death and four seriously injured after an extraction boiler in a herbal unit burst at Attur in the district, police said.

Twenty employees were working in the plant last night when the boiler exploded, spilling hot oil on the workers, killing two of them on the spot, they said.

The injured workers have been hospitalised, police said.

Boiler explosion shuts down Lincoln mill; cause under investigation (11/2/2013)


LINCOLN, Maine — A smelt water explosion in a chemical recovery boiler at Lincoln Paper and Tissue LLC on Saturday shook neighborhood houses and forced the mill to shut down temporarily. No injuries were reported, officials said.

The explosion occurred at the Katahdin Avenue mill’s recovery boiler, which is used to burn or recycle leftover chemicals and materials generated by the pulping process, at about 7:23 a.m. Lincoln, Lowell and Mattawamkeag firefighters cleared the scene about 40 minutes later, said Dan Summers, Lincoln’s public safety director.

“We don’t know why it happened,” said Bill Peterson, the mill’s personnel director and spokesman, “and we won’t know how much damage was done [to the boiler and surrounding structure] until we get a chance to get in there and look at it.”

Already located in a restricted-access area that during weekdays would have been populated by only two or three workers, the boiler will be quarantined for 24 hours to allow any potentially hazardous gases to dissipate, Peterson said. No significant environmental damage is expected.

However, tissue production will likely resume late Saturday or sometime Sunday morning, he said.

Several Katahdin Avenue residents said they slept through the explosion, first realizing trouble when they heard the mill’s warning alarms, which were still audible Saturday afternoon, and firetruck sirens.

Thirty-five-year old Katahdin Avenue resident Laura Burrill was in bed asleep said she heard “what sounded like my furnace backfiring, and then the whole house shook.”

Within 10 minutes, Burrill heard sirens from firetrucks leaving the Lincoln Public Safety Building about two streets away. Hearing loud hissing sounds, Burrill went outside her house and saw steam billowing from a multistory mill building about 75 yards north and slightly west of the mill’s front security building, she said.

“There are all kinds of debris [panels] missing from the building,” Burrill said.

She said missing were at least five of what appear to be large aluminum panels arrayed horizontally along the front of the building about three stories up. Several other panels had been missing for years, Burrill said.

Katahdin Avenue resident Leanna Haines said she heard the explosion. The vibrations from it were strong enough to startle Chevy, her deaf American bulldog, she said.

It was unclear how many workers were near the boiler when the explosion occurred. The federal Occupational Safety and Health Administration and other agencies have been notified of the incident, mill co-owner Keith Van Scotter said.

When the explosion occurred, company officials immediately instituted their incident command procedures, which include counts of workers, and found no one missing, said Van Scotter, who was out-of-state at an industry conference.

Van Scotter described the recovery boiler as burning dissolved lignin, the chemical that binds pulp fibers during the paper and tissue-making process, and as recovering chemicals used to make paper.

Boiler water temperatures typically rise to several hundred degrees Fahrenheit, Peterson said. The system’s alarm controls were damaged in the explosion. Workers would shut off the alarms as soon as they could determine how to, he said.

Peterson was glad that the mill was on its typical near-skeleton weekend staffing. He praised millworkers for following their emergency-response and incident command plans flawlessly.

“Everything worked the way it was supposed to,” Peterson said. “The Lincoln Paper and Tissue family of workers is still intact. That’s No. 1.”

Rockmart explosion kills woman: 54-year-old dead after boiler door hits her (10/31/2013)

A Rockmart explosion has left one woman dead, who was the only one in the section of the building at the time of the explosion. According to WSB-TV on Oct. 31, the victim of the Rockport explosion has been identified as 56-year-old Elaine Davidson, who was in the room where a pressurized boiler exploded.

The Meggit Polymers and Composites plant in Rockmart, Georgia, was the site of the explosion which happened about 8:30 a.m. on Thursday. The pressure inside the boiler grew to the point where the boiler exploded. Davidson was hit with the boiler door that went flying due to the explosion, which was so powerful it blew the door off its hinges. Davidson was taken to an area hospital where she was pronounced dead.

This Rockmart explosion didn’t happen in the main building of the plant, it was in a building adjacent to the main part of the plant, according to authorities. No one else was hurt during the explosion.

The Meggit Polymers and Composites plant, which is located at 669 Goodyear Street in Rockmart, makes aircraft fuel tanks.

3 die in Thakurgaon boiler explosion (10/29/2013)

At least three labourers were killed and three others injured in a boiler explosion at a husking mill in Thakurgaon Sadar upazila today.

The deceased were identified as Ramesh Chandra, 45, of Dighidangi village and Kofil, 40, and Posirul, 42, of Paikpara village in Sadar upazila, reports our Thakurgaon correspondent.

The boiler exploded with a big bang at the husk mill belongs to Salauddin Ullubi at Bholarhat intersection near Thakurgaon Power House around 10:00am, said Md Firoz Khan, officer-in-charge of Thakurgaon Sadar Police Station.

Soon after the explosion, the flying boiler hit the workers of an adjacent husking mill of one Abdul Matin, the OC said.

Three labourers died on the spot while three others sustained injuries, he added.

The injured — Shariful, Dabirul and Saiful — were rushed to Thakurgaon Sadar Hospital in critical condition, hospital sources said.

1 Dead, 40 Hurt in Candy Factory Explosion

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A huge blast rocked a US-owned candy factory in northern Mexico on Thursday, injuring more than 40 people and leaving 20 more missing, officials said.

Hundreds of people were working at the Blueberry factory when the explosion ripped through the building in Ciudad Juarez, a city bordering the US state of Texas, officials said.

Smoke billowed from the building, located in an industrial park, while a side wall collapsed following the early afternoon blast, an AFP correspondent said.

“We are searching for people in the debris. We calculate 20 have disappeared,” city government spokesman Guillermo Terrazas told AFP.

Terrazas said a boiler had exploded, causing the second-floor ceiling to collapse.

But civil protection chief Fernando Motta Allen said the source and cause of the blast were unclear, though it caused a fire that was now under control.

The explosion took place in the furnace section of the factory and that walls collapsed, but not the ceiling.

Motta said seven of the injured people were in serious condition and another four were in a critical but stable state. He earlier said 10 people were in serious condition due to burns and other injuries.

“It is possible that some people were trapped after the ceiling collapsed due to the explosion,” he said.

Motta said rescuers were checking whether there were any people trapped in the rubble.

Some 900 workers were at the factory at the time of the explosion but it was not immediately clear how many were on the floor where the incident took place, he said.

Worried relatives of workers stood behind a security cordon, some hugging each other, others holding their hands to their eyes as they waited for news.

Some 30 ambulances rushed to the scene of the explosion to take the injured to hospitals. Soldiers wearing dust masks and toting assault rifles were deployed to the site.

Broken pieces of cement from the building were strewn on the street.

Ciudad Juarez, which lies across the border from the US city of El Paso, has been a manufacturing hub for years, though it has become more famous for drug cartel violence more recently.

Terrazas said the sweets manufactured by Blueberry are produced for the export market.

2 killed in Jhenidah boiler explosion

Two workers were killed in a boiler explosion at a rice mill in Jhenidah Sadar upazila Thursday night.

The victims were identified as Shafiuddin, 35, of Naodapara village of Sadar upazila and Aslam Hossain, 40, of Shailakupa upazila.

Two other workers — Abdullah and Khairul Hossian — suffered burn injuries in the incident.

Police said when the boiler of Ifad auto rice mill at Narayanpur Trimohoni exploded with a big bang around 10:00pm, the mill collapsed killing two workers dead on the spot.

Local people, fire fighters and police rushed in and rescued other workers who were trapped under the collapsed mill.

The rescuers retrieved the bodies and sent those to Sadar hospital morgue for autopsy.

The injured were rushed to Sadar hospital from where Abdullah was shifted to Dhaka Medical College Hospital later.

The Daily Star

Published: Friday, September 20, 2013

Explosion in boiler room at Southern California high school causes damage, no injuries!

By Associated Press,

Jun 11, 2013 07:48 PM EDT

Updated: Tuesday, June 11, 3:48 PM

SANTA ANA, Calif. — An explosion in the boiler room of a Southern California high school caused major structural damage Tuesday, but no students were injured in the blast that briefly lifted up the roof of the building where it occurred.The explosion around 7:30 a.m. at Valley High School in Santa Ana was near the gym and happened before classes began, although some students were arriving on campus.